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Ring Out the Old, Ring in the New ...

... Ring Out the False, Ring in the True

4 October
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I am a "quirky but resilient pinot noir stuck in a land of smooth, bold, attention-grabbing merlots and cabernets."

Seriously, though, I am a 30-something PR professional and a moderate liberal with a left-of-center sense of humor. I love television to an obsessive degree, and I'm days away from becoming the crazy cat lady.

I am an only child and have lived in Milwaukee all my life, except for the four years I spent in Stevens Point at college. It was there that I first experienced the love that dare not speak its name ... Mystery Science Theater 3000. After more than 15 years, I'm still a junkie. (That last sentence goes a long way in giving you an idea of my sense of humor - intelligent but dumb at times, sarcastic, not too obvious, and very, very dry).

You'll find me to be friendly, sometimes snarky, and very loyal (my friends say that is my best quality). I like to have fun, which doesn't necessarily mean partying all the time -- that's what my 20s were for. :)

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